Director / Sustainability and bioclimatic Leader.

Luis Gaviria

Director /   Sustainability and bioclimatic Leader.

Architect. Colombia National University. 2007.

He made part of important architectural firms such as Castañeda Arquitectos and Javier Vera Arquitectos even before graduation, participating mainly in contest and public projects where he developed early skills in design and representation.

He has worked in public, private and independent sectors, as designer and coordinator of industrial, institutional, educational, housing and large format commercial projects, in companies such as Javier Vera Arquitectos (2005-2006) and CONVEL S.A.S (2006-2017).

From his student days he developed a big interest for bioclimatics and the comfort of people inhabiting a space.  Now as a professional, he applies this knowledge to all of our projects.

Lucho is the joy and good mood in the atelier, excellent model maker and with wide skills for architectural drawings. He works with great efficiency and quality in the development of projects.

He enjoys carpentry, family, riding a motorbike and traveling.