We Are

- bassico arquitectos -


An exquisite mixture

We are the combination of six different forms, each one with its personality, aesthetic, imagination, vision and attitude. An absurd but perfect mixture which gathers experience, fine taste and dedication to the service of good architecture.

We are an heterogeneous atelier, multi-scalar, able to solve and formulate projects of different sizes and complexities (Urban Design, Architectural Design, Interior Design and Ephemeral spaces)

We believe in timeless architecture, durable, responsible, designed from simple concepts, detonators of powerful experiences in the users and their territory.

Our architecture is unique, personalized, rational, result of several variables that in each process are conjugated: territory, program, materials, client, users and intuition.


Bassico was born

1 April, 2006

Strong, healthy and very eager to grow.

First Steps

31 December, 2006

We won our first public competitions. Parque Bavaria. CIC de Cúcuta. Recinto Ferial y de Exposiciones de Neiva.

Making History

31 December, 2008

We are still on the podiums of several national and international competitions.

Adventure Island Park

10 September, 2009

We did not win, but it is perhaps the most beloved project. Neiva Adventure Island Park. Second place. In partnership with Mareo Rodríguez.

First Private Competition

22 June, 2011

We won our first private competition. Diseño Urbanístico de las Unidades UAU 2 y 3 del plan parcial altos del Poblado. In partnership with  MV Arquitectos.

Merit Competition.

4 May, 2013

We were deserving of designing an educational park for Antioquia. Merit Competition.

Bassico Arquitectos SAS

1 January, 2014

We became an established company.

Important Projects

31 December, 2015

Important projects were built. G2 House, C4 House, Places, Reserva del rio, among others.


1 January, 2016

We were present in Expocamacol Fair, designing for companies such as Indural, Fibratore and DYD.

Our Own Space

1 January, 2017

After being a nomad atelier, we achieved our own space.



We dive into the needs of the project, ask, investigate and analyze.


Ideas will be born here. Concepts from lines, textures, materials and sketches.


With a simple and powerful idea, the next step is materialize it. Plans, renders, graphics and every essential product.


When the project is approved, we make a detailed and organized delivery of our work and we start over!